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Leading the Fashion Recycling Revolution

Our purpose is to connect fashion brands with textile recyclers to build the most trusted, measurable and impactful relationships through products

Who We Are

Eslando is a circular fashion tech company on a mission to accelerate textile recycling.

We are an independent organisation with equal commitment to all brands, recyclers, and sorters who join us. We believe that the only way to truly address the problem of apparel recycling is to work together with key stakeholders. This way we can create a more sustainable fashion industry that benefits everyone.

Our vision is to enable a greater volume of clothing to be recycled, reducing waste, increasing the supply of recycled materials and easing the burden the fashion industry places on our precious planet.

Our Relabel Digital Product Passport is an innovative breakthrough technology solution that will accelerate recycling in the fashion industry through digitisation. Connecting brands with recyclers and engaging environmentally conscious consumers worldwide. 

If you are a brand, recycler, or sorter who is committed to apparel recycling, we encourage you to join us. Together, we can make a difference.

Our Planet, Our Responsibility

By igniting a circular transformation in the fashion industry and closing the loop of textile waste we can create a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Every year, 100 billion garments are produced and less than 1% are recycled back into new clothing. This makes the fashion industry responsible for 10% of global emissions. 

Annually, over 100 million tons of textiles end up in landfills and incinerators. While the industry continues to exploit our planet for more resources,  this wasteful practice contributes to climate change, water pollution and habitat destruction. 

We can change this by creating a data rich system through digital product passports. We can empower sorters and recyclers to increase the amount of clothing they recycle, which can in return benefit brands with a new source of sustainable raw material.

Through our efforts, we're committed to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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