Connecting Products with
Recyclers for Brands

Introducing Relabel, a Digital Product Passport for Circular Fashion

Connecting Products with
Recyclers for Brands

Introducing Relabel, a Digital Product Passport for Circular Fashion

Solving the $500 Billion Post-Consumer Textile Waste Problem

Volatile Pricing


Inflation and climate change affect the price of virgin raw materials like cotton and polyester. Therefore reducing profit margins for brands

graph of cotton prices

Recycling textiles can give brands a steady supply of sustainable raw materials, which protects their profits.

Impossible Sorting

It’s impossible to identify composition by hand due to infinite material combinations. Automatic sorting misses chemical safety certifications.

Relabel provides textile recyclers with composition & certification data that helps them commercially recycle textiles efficiently.

Disconnected Stakeholders

Key fashion stakeholders operate in their independent bubbles. The entire value chain of fashion is linear and disconnected.

Relabel connects brands, consumers and recyclers to unlock the benefits of a new circular fashion economy.

Dynamic Digital Product Passport

Textile recycling technology is advancing faster than ever. It is now possible to recycle most clothing, but there’s a missing link that connects the right product with the right recycler.

We work with brands to label their product at source. Our dynamic system is constantly updated with the latest guidelines from global recyclers. Therefore, when the products carrying relabel reach sorters, it is forwarded to the right recycler.

We monitor and trace end-of-life movement of all products. Our partner brands gain new valuable insights which they can share with their consumers and stakeholders.

One Relabel, many Benefits

Turn your products into a powerhouse with Relabel

  • Engage and retain customers with your products.
  • Gain valuable recycling analytics.
  • Embed sustainability and transparency into each item.
  • Unlock resale and new revenue streams.
  • Prepare for EU Digital Product Passport Legislation

We are Enabling Data Based Textile Sorting

Often, sorters have trouble identifying the best recycler for old clothes. So they take out what’s resaleable in developing countries, and send the rest, worth $500 billion, straight to landfills. We are here to change that.

By enabling data-based sorting through relabel, we get the right product to the right recycler.  In other words, we’re making recycling more efficient and bringing brands new sources of sustainable raw materials

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